The staff of the Bounty Games are few, but strong. Love them, hate them, fear them, it doesn't matter, here they are.


The CEOs of bounty are Riley(enter dev name here) and Naryan(ditto). They work together to make this game. Riley is the community twiter manager, though no one seems to care. Naryan is just one of the main idea powerhouses.

Grunts (everyone else)Edit

The workers for bounty are many, but what they may have in number, they lack in intellegence. They are dedicated workers though, and they have their sacrficial uses. Wait, what?


The mysterious WarrantGames, identity unknown, currently helps maintain and upkeep the facebook and wikipedia pages. He also helps run the graphic design commitee and is the head of HR. (He is the one who tosses the interns into the volcanos in satanic rituals in excange for god-like game-creating powers.) Isn't that what all HR managers do?

The staff at bounty are all hard workers, and try to bring the best game possible for you.Edit