This Is the Section of the Wiki where we fully explain the storyline of the game from beggining to end. This entire page is a total work in progress. That means that nothing is final. Hiwever that doesn't mean that you should just edit this willy nilly... go to the comment section for further discussion on plot changes rather than deleting hours of someone's work. Anyway, let's cut to the chase shall we?

At the dawn of the 31st Mellenium, the universe has become a very different place. The human race has expanded beyond Sol, reaching out to the stars we have watched for so long. However to our surprise, no hint of life has been discovered in the vast oceans we now sail. While there are many suitable planets, none of them have contained life. Then, in 3029, a the large moon of the planet Omega VI was discovered. The moon, unlike the planet, was inhabitable. The Order sent a scout team to ensure that there was no life on the planet, and identify all of the immediate dangers on the surface. The team of ten found something that no human had ever seen before. Not just life, but civilization. And the beginning of the end of an era.